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II was really worried when you decided to photograph six high school Seniors at the same time. However, after seeing their photographs I was speechless. You captured each of their personalities. I am really impressed.

Thank you so much! Love the photos, they are amazing!

I know Kennette through a common friend. I used her craftsmanship on two occasions. The purpose was to get some portraits --outdoorsy rather than the conventional indoor shoots against the big ugly curtain backdrop :).Here is why I would recommend Kennette.1. She is Passionate. Right from the click to the finish, she makes sure she gets it right.2. She does her prep-work. Location-Attire-Sunlight. She understands what you really want to achieve. That was a big plus!!3. She also takes the time makes your comfortable and brings out the real you

There is really no way to describe or put it to words the way that Kennette captures you. She comes up with the most creative pictures and poses. and when she snaps the picture its like a work of art that is being created SHe is molding your masterpiece She has such a style its like her camera starts to transform you in to a Fair tale. She makes you fall in love with the pictures a storybook in the making.Special moments in time that she captures at the right time. right light. She gives you $400% of her. I have never met a person with such passion about pictures. She makes your special day just that much better. If you are looking for a person with a heart as big as gold and loves what they do. YOU HAVE FOUND THE BEST PERSON EVER!!!!. Its not enough words to descibe how I feel but she she will leave a long lasting memory with her pictures, slide shows coffe books everything. I am glad and it was a honor to have her capture these important times in my life. If you want a person that will make your dream come true this is who you need. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer of great friend in my life :) Marisha

My son and his sistiers took photographs for his 16th birthday. He wanted a photo shoot and that is just what he got. They were great pictures. I will be calling her again.

This woman is simply a magician! Her photos are so precise, crisp and in the moment. When I look a her photography, I wish I was there to share whatever special moment she captured! The eye that she has is incredible and second to none! The great thing is she is great with taking pictures of any type...some people are good with still forms, some are good with children, some are good with photo shoot settings....Kennette is stupendous with it ALL! You have not truly been photographed until you've been in her camera's view!

Kennette is an awesome photographer with a great vision of the images she wants to capture with her subjects. She gives great direction and helps put you at ease. It was such a pleasure working with her ! I would recommend her to anyone for headshots weddings, events etc. Her work speaks for itself, check it out ! You will be as impressed with her work as I was with my photoshoot with her. Keep up the good work Kennette !